2024 Spring Immersion Week Recap —— Beijing & Hebei

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Last Week, Beijing Foreign Studies University successfully held Immersion Week in Beijing Station for the 2024 Spring semester, providing a precious opportunity for international students from all over the world to have an in-depth understanding of Chinese enterprises and experience Chinese culture.

At the beginning of the event, the international students visited the Beijing Hyundai Motor Company and were impressed by the technological innovation and diversified products. They listened carefully to the speech given by the representatives of the company, learning the development process and market layout of Hyundai motor. Students highly appreciated the superb craftsmanship and innovative concept of Hyundai Motor.

Afterwards, our students went to Aoqiang Group and visited green energy technologies such as advanced solar equipment and generators in the exhibition area. Under the guidance of the staff, the students got to know the environmental advantages and sustainable development potential of green energy and expressed their admiration for the contribution of Aoqiang Group in the field of green energy.

Students also visited the Coca-Cola Company and Yingli Group to gain an in-depth understanding of the two companies' market positions and innovation capabilities in their fields. Through field visits and communication, the students have a deeper understanding of the brand concept and development strategy of the two companies.

This event not only provided opportunities for international students to practice, but also deepened their understanding of Chinese enterprises and culture. Through this activity, international students can better integrate into Chinese society, broaden their international horizons, and lay a solid foundation for future international exchanges and development. In the future, Beijing Foreign Studies University will continue to hold more similar practical activities to provide international students with more opportunities to learn about China, promote international exchanges and cooperation, and jointly promote the development of global cultural diversity.

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