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Visa Issue

Visa Policy

a. According to Chinese law, students holding an X1 visa must apply for a Residence Permit within 30 days of entry into China; it will cost about CNY 800 to CNY 900 to get a one year residency permit. Students with an X1 visa should contact the Overseas Students Affairs Office upon their arrival in Beijing to conduct the Residence Permit application immediately.

b. All students holding an X1 visa must undergo a medical examination. If you cannot have the examination done before leaving your home country, you may have it done in Beijing. Any medical examination is only valid for 6 months. Your medical examination and laboratory test results must be notarized by a public notary if it is done outside of China. When you arrive at BFSU you may go to the hospital to have your medical examination results verified. If all documents are in order, the fee will be CNY 60. 
This process must be completed in order for the police to change your visa.

c. If you hold an X2 visa and need to have it extended before the end of your studies the applicable fees will range from CNY 228 to CNY 1016.

Visa Q&A

Q: I will study in Beijing Foreign Studies University for one year, but why does the university only give me a 6 months visa extension?
A: Your visa extention is determined by the tuition fee you paid rather than the time you plan to study in China. For example, if you pay the tuition fee for one semester, your visa will be extended only for 6 months; if you pay the tuition fee for a whole academic year, you visa can be extended for the whole year.

Q: What’s the difference between Residence Permit and “X2” visa?
A: According to Chinese law, students holding an X1 visa must apply for a Residence Permit within 30 days of the first entry into China. There is only one chance for students who hold an “L” or “X2” visa to apply to change to an “X1"/"X2" visa or Residence Permit. Please check the table below for differences between “X2” visa and Residence Permit


  Residence Permit X2 Visa
Application Document  Medical Examination Report is required Medical Examination Report is NOT required
Fee  CNY 500 a year CNY 160 for “X2” visa with one valid entry to China (depending on nationality)
Extension Without leaving the mainland of China, students can have their visa extended for 6, 12 or 24 months, provided the related tuition fees are settled in full   Zero, single and double entry “X2” visa can only be extended for 180 days at a time, while multiple entries "X2" Visa can be extended for a year. Without leaving the mainland of China, students can only have the “X2” visa extended once with the maximum of a one year long extension and have to leave the mainland of China to renew their visa.
Suggestions  Students who study more than one semester in China are advised to apply for a Residence Permit. Students who study for only one semester in China can apply for “F” visa. 

Students could feel free to directly contact BFSU Overseas Students Affairs Office for visa issues.

Tel: + 0086-10-88818781

Email: visa@bfsu.edu.cn;



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