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Current Students

Q:Who to contact in case of emergency? Am I covered by Insurance? (all students)
A: Emergency contact information is available in the brochure students received during orientation. If you need help from our staff, you can call either Mr. SUN Wei (+86-10 8881 6621) or Mr. LIU Yiming(+86-10-8881 8230). If you need help from our staff, you can call Ms.Wang Han (+86-10 8881 8230) , Mr.Chen Mengzhe(+86-10 88818230)
Only emergency and hospitalization could be covered by the insurance you bought when registering. 


Q:Communication between admin staff and Room 981 (all students)
A: It is the responsibility of the students to ensure that they read all emails from the admin staff. If you miss an important event because you have not read an email, you are likely to suffer losses for your carelessness. Every student is assigned a BFSU email address. Emails will be sent to the BFSU email address.

Q:Staff responsibilities in room 981 (all students)
A: Ms. ZHANG Hongjiao(Rm.921) is responsible for academic and teaching matters.Ms.Wang Han and Mr. Chen Mengzhe are responsible for student experience (e.g. students’ activities) and attendance issues.
The Overseas Students Affairs Office (OSAO) of BFSU is responsible for solving visa issues and on-campus dormitory issues.
 Ms.Wang Han (+86-10 8881 8230, wanghan@bfsu.edu.cn),Mr. Chen Mengzhe(+86-10 88818230,chenmengzhe@bfsu.edu.cn) They can help the communication between students and the OSAO. If students don’t know who to look for solution, Ms.Wang Han or Mr. Chen Mengzhe is the first person to contact.

Q:Activities organized and activity fee (all students)
A: Activities, especially travelling outside Beijing, were designed to enrich international students’ life in China and deepen their understanding of the country. Students who have been admitted before September 2013 are encouraged to pay the activity fee at the registration time. For those who want to pay the fee before the trip starts, the rates will be higher than for those who paid at the beginning of the semester.

Q:Participation in university activities (all students)
A: International students are encouraged to actively participate in various forms of university activities although some formal sports competitions at the university level or above is only open to degree students. Since one school can only form one team, the quota of Chinese students and International students in the competition team has to be decided based on their proportions in the school’s student body. 
Q:Final marks for each course and breakdown of marks (all students)

A: Students need to check their final marks in the Academic Records System two weeks later after the final exam weeks. Students can ask the lecturers for the breakdown of marks; the weights and the marks that they have obtained for each component (attendance, midterm test/coursework and final exams)

Q:Feedback to lecturers (all students)
A: Students are encouraged to share their feedback and comments on the courses directly to the lecturers.  This includes whether they are finding the course too easy or too challenging. If you still feel that the matter has not been resolved, then you should contact the academic director who will then contact the lecturer.

Q:Extra electives and courses (all students)
A: Students who choose to take more electives than is required and pay for these courses will have the course marks on their transcript of final results.

Q:Thesis: choice of topic, supervisor and fees; do I have to be in Beijing when I write the thesis, defense of thesis? (undergraduate students)
A: At the end of the sixth semester, students should start to think about the thesis topic. At the beginning of the seventh semester, you will get a list of supervisors’ names and their research fields. After a two-way selection process, a supervisor will be appointed for each student. 
Students do not need to pay extra fees on thesis supervision. 
During the period of thesis writing, students are advised to stay on campus, in order to get face-to-face guidance from supervisors. You may also get trouble with your visa if you are out of the country during the study period.
For undergraduate students, there will be no defense of thesis.
Q: New Research Module for students to write their dissertations (undergraduate students)
A: To prepare students to conduct research and write their dissertations, there will be a compulsory short course on research methods and dissertation writing which students will have to take in the semester before they go on to write their dissertation

Q:Are students in their first or second year allowed to take courses for those students who are in their 3rd or 4th year? (undergraduate students)
A: There are some very exceptional cases and this is not the norm. The students who are allowed to do so have typically studied at other universities or have some exceptional personal circumstances. Such cases require students to produce strong documentation to support their case and permission has to be granted by the office of teaching affairs. 

Q:Courses in 3rd or 4th year (undergraduate students)
A: The courses in the 3rd and 4th year are meant to be more challenging than courses in the first two years. If you feel that you are not being challenged enough or that there is too much overlap between courses, you can inform the lecturers. Please note that there has to be some overlap between courses so that you get a holistic perspective of management and business.

Q: Double degrees for the BBA programme (undergraduate students)
A: The Double degree for BBA programme is not open to International undergraduate students yet. It takes time for the University to design a wholly new double degree programme for international students, which will involve the work of many departments and relevant academic schools. The idea has been reported to the University’s Central authority already. We will keep you updated when a decision is made.

Q:Students going on exchange (undergraduate students)
A: Students who choose to go on exchange programs can contact Ms. HE Mosi for information (e.g. requirements, deadline, etc.). 


Q:Internships (undergraduate students)
A: These are not compulsory requirements but students are strongly encouraged to undertake internships as this will add to their CV in terms of work experience when they graduate. Internships can be carried out in any country. It would be preferable to conduct internships in China. However, most employers who are willing to recruit foreign students want them to have a good command of Chinese so that they can communicate with colleagues in the company.  


Q:Taking test before undertaking dissertation (postgraduate students)
A: Before being allowed to proceed to write their dissertations in the last semester, postgraduate students have to take an examination. This is a comprehensive examination that tests your overall comprehension of all the materials that have been covered on the postgraduate programme.


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