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Download:2019-2020 Fall Schedule
Syllabus for the Chinese Language courses: Chinese Language Courses Syllabus for the humanistic courses: Humanistic Elective Courses Syllabus for the first Semester: 1st semester Syllabus for the second Semester: 2nd semester Syllabus for the third Semester: 3rd semester Syllabus for the fourth Semester: 4th semester Syllabus for the fifth to seventh Semesters:     Project Management     Private Equity & Venture Capital Course     Motivation(Malkov)     International Marketing Management     International Investment Analysis     Innovation     Globalisation, …
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Download all files by package: Syllubus for the Certificate Program   View files one by one: Chinese Culture and Business Etiquette Dong in Business in China Financial Markets and Institutions Syllabus–Marketing in China-2019 Fall Syllabus–Strategic Management in China -2019 Fall Syllabus–Government and Politics in China Fall2019(AACSB)
Download: IBS BFSU_Curriculum for Bachelor program  
Syllabus for Master Program of International Business:  IBS BFSU_syllubus for Master of International Business; Syllabus for Master Program of Finance:  IBS BFSU_syllubus for Master of Finance  
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