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Outstanding Students Scholarship


For the purpose of scholarship bestowment, senior students are regarded as those who have successfully completed the first year of a degree course at BFSU-SolBridge and are enrolled for subsequent years leading to a degree. Postgraduate students may apply for the Senior Students Scholarship once they have completed the first year of postgraduate studies. Students in their first year of postgraduate studies should refer to the First-Year Students Scholarship. Evaluation criteria for the Senior Students Scholarship, as well as award tiers are set out below.


Evaluation Criteria

The final assessment grade of each applicant is calculated as follows:

Overall Assessment Grades = Average Grades of Academic Year (80%)+ Attendance (10%) + Extra Points(10%)


Scholarship Tiers and Award Amounts

The following scholarship tiers will be available to qualified students:
  • First tier scholarship
    CNY10,000/Academic Year (Awarded to 5% of students every year)
  • Second tier scholarship
    CNY 8,000/Academic Year (Awarded to 10% of students every year)
  • Third tier scholarship
    CNY5,000/Academic Year (Awarded to 15% of students every year)
  • Merit Scholarship
    CNY 12,000/Academic Year (Awarded to 5% of students every year);
    CNY 10,000/Academic Year (Awarded to 10% of students every year)
Applicant Requirements
  • Only degree-seeking students enrolled at BFSU-SolBridge are eligible for BFSU-SolBridge scholarships.
  • Abide by national laws and University regulations and avoid bringing the University's name and reputation into disrepute;
  • Be actively involved in academic and extracurricular activities and promote healthy camaraderie among fellow students;
  • Maintain a high level of academic performance in all enrolled courses and regularly attend classes;
  • Be available for administrative class duties and occasional promotional activities for University programs.


Assessment Methods
  • Assessment of student eligibility for scholarships is based on the BFSU-SolBridge Integrated Assessment System;
  • Students are evaluated in terms of their academic performance(grades) class attendance, and extracurricular activities (see Activities for Extra Points);
  • Scholarships of different tiers cannot be awarded to the same student simultaneously.


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