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Enrollment & Registration

Welcome to the International Business School of BFSU!

The following information is intended to facilitate your arrival in Beijing and help you settle in on our campus. Please read it carefully and plan your schedule accordingly.


1.      Arrival in Beijing:

a.      BFSU representatives will meet all new students at Beijing Capital International Airport Terminal 3, Exit for International Arrival to assist you with transportation to campus. In order to make use of this service, students should arrive on the following dates:

28 August: 09:00 – 19:00;

29 August: 09:00 – 14:00

On 28 August, the school bus will leave the airport at 10:30; 12:00; 14:00; and 19:00.

On 29 August, the school bus will leave the airport at 10:30; and 14:00.

(The University representative will be holding a BFSU sign at the Exit for International Arrival at Terminal 3. Please inform us of your flight details and arrival date in advance.)

b.      If your arrival date and time does not correspond with any of the preceding dates, you may choose one of the following options:

1)      You may take the airport shuttle bus – line 4. Shuttle bus price varies from CNY 15 to CNY 24 depending on the distance. Take the bus heading to Gong Zhu Fen (公主坟) station and get off at Su zhou Qiao (苏州桥) station. The price is CNY 24. This stop is only 300m away from the BFSU campus. If you are not confident in your Chinese speaking skills, or you have a lot of luggage, this may not be the option for you.

2)      Follow the signs in the airport that read “Taxi” (level B1) to the official Taxi Stand. You are suggested to show your admission notice to the driver cause there is our university name and address in Chinese on it (taxi drivers seldom speak English). All taxi fares are calculated and displayed by electronic meter and it will cost about CNY 150 to take a taxi from the airport to BFSU (about 40 km). Remember to take the receipt (fa piao) to verify the bill. Do not accept a ride from strangers, or unmarked “taxis” – only take a taxi at the taxi stand.

c.    Please come and register on the registration date (28 August and 29 August). No registration and visa processing services are available if you arrive early or after.

2.      Registration

a.      Dates and times: 28-29 August, 2019, from 08:30-11:30 and from 13:30-16:30

b.      Location: First Floor of Student Centre, East Campus (See map).Tel: 8881 6763

c.      Required Documentation:

  • Admission Notice,
  • JW201/202 Form,
  • 4 ID photos – 2-inches (white background),
  • Passport,
  • Registration Form of Temporary Residence (for students who live off-campus only)
  • Physical Examination Record for Foreigners

** If you had a physical examination within the last 6 months, please bring all the Physical Examination Records and relevant documents (original only) with you.

3.      Accommodation

  1. Due to the limited on-campus dormitory resources, BFSU does not accept dormitory reservations for all new students for the first semester and will try to help in arranging dormitory (bed) upon arrival. From the second semester, students could choose room types (single room or double room) by themselves online. In principle, BFSU does not provide on-campus dormitory for the degree students in their last academic year. Their reservations depend on the dormitory resources available.
  2. Guojiao Building and Building No. 1 are on East Campus; The White Building and No. 6 Building are on West Campus. When checking into your room, CNY 400 needs to be paid in Chinese currency in cash as deposit. You could get the refund while checking out if there is no damages in your room.
  3. If you live at on-campus dormitory, dormitory fee needs to be paid by semester in the full amount on the registration date. 
  4. If you pay the dormitory fee by semester, you would enjoy a discount unit price. If you check out due to the personal reasons in the middle of the semester, dormitory fee would be recalculated as normal daily price (without discount) times the exact number of days you live on campus. Then, you would get the refund of the money left.
  5. If you live off-campus, you have to find the accommodation in advance. You need to go and register at the local police station with your landlord to get the Registration Form of Temporary Residence within 24 hours after moving in. Students living off campus must provide legal residence certificates. Otherwise you are not allowed to register at BFSU and the public security authorities will not conduct any visa procedure.

4.      Visa

a.      International students must apply for an X1 or X2 student visa before coming to China (please consult with Chinese Embassy in your country for details). According to Chinese laws, students holding an X1 visa must apply for a Residence Permit within 30 days of entry into China. Not adhering to this regulation will be considered as illegal residents and be liable to a fine of a maximum amount of CNY 10000. Or being deported for illegal residence. Students with an X1 visa should contact the Overseas Students Affairs Office upon arrival in Beijing to conduct the Residence Permit application immediately.

b.      All students holding an X1 visa must have a physical examination done. If you cannot have the examination done before leaving your home country, you may have it done in Beijing. Any physical examination is only valid for 6 months. If you done it in your home country, you are required to take all the original test results to go to the BFSU’s assigned hospital in Beijing to have your physical examination results verified. Otherwise, your test result is invalid and you need to do the body check again.  

This process must be completed in order for the police to change your visa.

Here is the information of the hospital,

Name: Beijing International Travel Healthcare Centre Haidian Clinic

Address: No 10 Dezheng Road, Xi’bei’wang town, Haidian District

Time: 8:30-11:15 a.m. from Monday to Friday


  • No breakfast before physical examination
  • Please bring passport, two two-inch ID photos (white background), the original and a copy of JW202 form and Admission Notice.

Please be noted that as soon as getting your physical examination report, please bring it to the Overseas Students Affairs Office to apply for the residence permit.  

  1. Students holding X2 visa and study for one semester only do not need to do physical examination.
  2. Price (only for reference): For Student Residence Permit, no more than CNY 550 per 6 months, no more than CNY 950 per 12 months. For physical examination, it varies from CNY 0 to CNY 400 according to the healthcare center.
  3. If you have difficulties applying for the X1 or X2 visa, please consult with our Overseas Students Affairs Office for further help by email before entering China. Please take your passport to that office directly for visa consultation after you entered China.  

5.      Payment and Refund Policy

a.      Tuition fees and other expenses may be paid by electronic bank transfer before arriving in China. Please keep the transfer receipt and bring it to China with you as proof of payment. Present it to the staff upon registration. Please be noted all the fees will be charged according to the Chinese currency price. Fees may also be paid in cash (Chinese Yuan) or bank card upon registration, but all fees must be settled before students are allowed to commence their studies. If you use a foreign bank card (MASTER or VISA), please make sure to check and adjust the credit limit in advance. Otherwise, you could not finish the payment successfully. Students enrolled for a degree course need to pay tuition fees for the full academic year at registration. If you can not pay the full amount due to any special circumstances, application letter to explain reasons to postpone the payment is required and needs to get approval from International Business School before the registration date, otherwise, you will not be able to register at BFSU. If students apply for deferring payment, the university will charge 5% of the deferring amount as a late fee.

b.      According to University refund policy, 100% of paid tuition fees will be refunded to students who terminate their studies within one week after registration. 80% of paid tuition fees will be refunded to students who terminate their studies within two weeks after registration. 50% will be refunded within four weeks. No refunds will be awarded to students who terminate their studies after four weeks from the first day of registration. Application fee will in no case be refunded.

c.   BFSU’s bank account:



                         BEIJING MUNICIPAL BRANCH

                        ZIZHUYUAN BANKING OFFICE

Account No.:0200007609026402172


6.      Medical Insurance:

All foreign students who study in China for one or more semesters are required to purchase Comprehensive Insurance for Foreigners Staying in China (including Medical Insurance for Accidental Injury, Hospitalization and Medical Insurance) that must be purchased from the assigned Insurance Company upon registration (the fee is CNY 400 for one semester, or CNY 800 for the whole year and only could be paid in Chinese currency in cash). No matter whether you have insurance in China or in your home country, students are required to purchase the insurance locally at our university on the registration date.

Students without medical insurance can not be enrolled as international students at BFSU.


For more information, or specific enquiries, please contact the Marketing Office at:


Tel: +8610 8881 6763


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