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Summer & Winter Camp

The Summer and Winter Camps at IBS-BFSU are designed to be entertaining and educational culture tours for students from around the globe. Students will spend one or two weeks learning about Chinese culture, language and history, with an option to include business and economic topics. Lectures are conducted on campus of Beijing Foreign Studies University and are arranged to incorporate visits to signigicant cultural and historical sites around Beijing, China' cultural and political capital. Groups of 15 students or larger may apply for programs specially tailored to their needs and schedule. Summer camps typically occur during July and August, while winter camps are scheduled for January each year.



Dear Students at home and abroad!

“Short-term Summer Camp for Chinese Business Studies and Cultural Studies”held by International Business School (IBS) of Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFSU) has officially been open for enrollment!

Students Worldwide + Business Courses Instructed in English + Exclusive Company Visit + Related Case Study + Cultural Experience

As the world's second largest economy, China serves as a huge market and an important business partner for many countries. It’s a brilliant choice for students to understand economic situation and culture of China. Besides cross-culture communication, visiting giant companies every semester is also available for our students, during which students have access to listen to company reports made by industry experts and have in-depth research on relevant business cases. Accordingly, students can be more open-minded and have a global vision.

Enthusiastic feedback and high satisfaction have been received from our students, which is an encouragement for us to carry forward this initiative . 

Sincerely hope more students can join us!


Detailed Schedule:

Organizer:  IBS of BFSU

Affiliated with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs from its establishment in 1941, BFSH has a reputation of cradle of China’s diplomat. BFSU has cultivated 400 odd Chinese ambassadors and 1,000 odd diplomatic counselors. Having 98 languages as its instruction languages, BFSU is expected to cover languages of almost all countries that have established diplomatic relations with China. 

AS one of the largest schools at BFSU, IBS is the most international business school in China with more than one third of students being international ones.


Important Date:

Start Time: June 30-July 13, 2019

Application Deadline: March 1, 2019


The summer camp project covers three cities: Beijing 2 weeks, Hangzhou 1 week, Guangzhou (Foshan) 1 week, intending to provide students with typical Asian culture and business model education from north, central and south of China. According to own circumstance, students could make a combination, such as "Beijing + Hangzhou", "Beijing + Guangzhou", or "Beijing + Hangzhou + Guangzhou".

1) Beijing: As the capital of the People's Republic of China, Beijing is the political, cultural and economic center of China and is home to almost all of the headquarters or branches of the Global Fortune 500.


2) Guangzhou (Foshan): Foshan is the third largest city in Guangdong Province and an ideal place to experience unique Lingnan culture. Only less than on hour away by metro  from Guangzhou and Shenzhen, 2 hours away by train from Hong Kong, Foshan is the gathering zone of highly-competitive Chinese companies such as Huawei, Midea and ZTE.


3) Hangzhou: Hangzhou,the capital of Zhejiang Province,has a history of more than 2,000 years and is one of the six ancient capitals of China. Hangzhou has been the host city of the eleventh G20 Summit and will hold the 2022 Asian Games, which demonstrates its development momentum and entrepreneurship. Home to Alibaba , an Chines E-commerce giant and the largest online B2B portal worldwide, Hangzhou is no doubt to be a center of inspiration, innovation and economic.


Project activity arrangement:

1) Corporate visits and case studies

Students will visit large Chinese/International companies as well as foreign multinationals in China. For example, Google, Baidu, Tencent, Lenovo, Alibaba, VIP-Kid, Beijing Hyundai, Midea, Huawei, ZTE, etc. During the visit, the teacher will lead the students to visit the company, listen to the company report, and do case study in groups. 


(Partners of IBS-BFSU)

2) Lectures of Chinese Business and Culture Study

In the summer camp, students who complete the course of Chinese Business and Culture Study, finish all assignments and pass the exam, will receive 3 transferrable credits (6 ECTs). Course content includes: Chinese Culture and Business Etiquette, Insight into Chinese Economic Reform, Foreign Direct Investment into and from China, Doing Business in China, Marketing in China and so on.


3) Cultural experience

Cultural sightseeing visit will be planned according to your chosen city. Such as Beijing Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Great Wall, Hangzhou West Lake, Guangdong Foshan Liangshi Garden and Chopsticks Road, Confucius, Nanfeng Furnace, Gongzi Street, etc.
Cultural activities such as Chinese Kung Fu, Chinese Taiji, Chinese Painting, Chinese Dance, Peking Opera, etc.



Comfortable standard double room with bathroom. Location subjects to availability.

Summer camp fee:

Special discounts for students, especially for our BFSU’s students!

Our summer camp costs include: airport transfers and local transportation, local accommodation, lectures and company visits, textbooks, school meals (300 RMB for school cafeteria prepaid cards), tickets for cultural attractions, summer camp certificates and T-shirts, pre-departure materials for visas.

Our services do not include: airfare, visa fees.


Interested students and groups over 20 campers could contact us as following.


E-mail: fenglan@bfsu.edu.cn

Phone: (010) 88816563

WeChat: sharonsky1013 (please specify "summer camp")

Consultation time: 8:30am – 6:00pm on weekdays

Address: Room 905, International Building, West Campus, Beijing Foreign Studies University, 19 West Third Ring Road

Welcome to join us!



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