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Experience China, Experience the World

Over half a decade, the United States, European Union, and many other developed countries have been quite active in encouraging and supporting the students for the international study tour, which are believed to be very useful and necessary part in training the truly global talents. However, very few students from developing countries have the opportunity for this kind of experience due to the financial constraint. Furthermore, most of the international study tours still target the English-speaking developed countries, mostly in the U.S., U.K., and Australia. In contrast, many other countries are seldom included in the destinations available, regardless of the diverse culture, unique economic model, and great market potential.

With the Belt & Road initiative, we believe there will be more economic and business cooperation among the B&R countries. Students should learn more about those countries, including the economy, business, and culture etc. Therefore, we initiate a series of short-term study tours to help more students gain the international experience in China and many other B&R countries, such as Cambodia, Russia, Germany etc. Our program will be offered in cooperation with over 400 partner universities and colleges all over the world, mostly the best in their country, therefore ensuring the highly localized and colorful culture experiences, the most informative and enlightening business lectures, under the supervision of the international management team.

1.Business/Culture Study Tour in China

As the 2nd largest economy in the world, China represents huge market, strong competitor, and important business partner for most countries. Understanding China is a necessary part for business students.
Combining company visits, business lectures and cultural experience, this short-term study tour is the best opportunity to acquire deep understanding about doing business in China.

3.Volunteer Mandarin Teaching Program

This program aims to provide partner institutions an opportunity to have excellent Chinese undergraduates and graduates as volunteers to teach Mandarin and promote mutual cultural exchange. The young energetic talents combined with professional training provided by IBS will create a wonderful class experience, helping your students improve Mandarin, understand Chinese culture, and get to know real current China at a lively teaching and learning atmosphere.

4.Homestay Language Partner for Mandarin Study

This program is designed to provide the opportunity for the kids of host families to learn Mandarin from native Chinese speakers and to create a deep, personal cultural exchange between host families and the Chinese volunteers.The host families will provide local accommodation, while the volunteers will stay at home and help the host family members to practice mandarin every day. All the volunteers will be selected from the undergraduates and graduates studying in renowned Chinese universities. Being vigorous, innovative, and enthusiastic, the volunteers will effectively motivate the kids in mandarin study. More important, this will open a new window for the kids and other family members to understand China and the world.

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