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Course Description:
This course surveys the current e-commerce landscape broadly — e-tailing, advertising, social media, epayment, mobile commerce, etc., and provides a comprehensive understanding how information technologies reshape organizations’ value chain and transforming competitions within and across different industries. More importantly, this course seeks to answer deeper questions: How these new business models disrupt traditional businesses? What economic forces drive their growth and determine their competitive strategies? Moreover, what dangers and risks the new technologies and the new generations of juggernaut companies may impose on our lives and our societies? and what are the direction of potential regulatory policies.

Specialization courses:
Session 1. Course Introduction
Session 2. Business Models, Value Chains and Competitive Forces
Session 3. B2C & B2B
Session 4. E-retail and Logistics
Session 5. Marketing and Advertising
Session 6. Mobile Technologies
Session 7. Digital Payment
Session 8. Student Presentation 1
Session 9. Network Effects and Strategies
Session 10. Locked-in, Walled Garden and Eco-systems
Session 11. Social Media
Session 12. Technology and Entertainment
Session 13. Data Strategies
Session 14. Security, Privacy, and Regulation
Session 15. Student Presentations 2

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