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Speech from Bree



Bree Outstanding Leader Award winner 


Good afternoon Dr. Liu Peng, staff, faculty and fellow scholarship recipients. I'd firstly like to expree my greatest and utmost gratitude to the panel of judges who granted me this honorable award. 


I feel very proud to reveive this title and furthermore feel honored to be so highly regarded by my fellow peers. It is a priviledge to be regarded as a leader not only in this university but in a foreign country and be recognized for my contribution towardes the second and as making a difference in my schooling community.


A quote i found by Rosobeth Kandor says this "leaders are more powerful role models when they learn than when they teach." I don't think without support of my peers and the motivation they give me, I would not be able to grow and learn not only as a leader but also as a person. In a versy short time period, they have taught me so much and helped me grow, and push myself to become a better and stronger leader figure. I am so very thankful for the lifelong friendships I have formed with them, which would not be possible if  I had not come to China. 


Nevertheless, living and studying in China has been an exciting and enriching adventure for me. The diverse range of countries and the difficulty of being a non-native speaker, has challenged and helped shape me into not only a better person but leader and will most definitely stand me in good stead for my journey in life after university. Able to learn a new language and culture while being surrouded by numerous other countries, is one I would not have experienced if I am still in my home country.


All in all, the experiences and opportunities I have been give while living in China and studying at BFSU, have helped me broaden my knowledge and step out of my comfort zone to challenge my abilities and better yet become a better leader. 


I'd like to conclude by again extending my gratitude to the people who believe I passes the atttibutes to receive such an award and send my biggest congratulations to each of my fellow peers who too have been acknowledged for all the hard work abd dedication they have displayed and performed. Thank you!

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