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IBSUnion: Mixer




27th of November, on the third floor of one of BFSU’s mess halls, a Mixer was held. The Chinese Union and IBSUnion got together and organized a mixer event as an opportunity for both Chinese and foreign students of BFSU to meet, mingle, and have fun. The theme of the event was ‘Jiao Zi’ (Chinese dumplings) and students got a hands-on experience in making these dumplings themselves.




The event was jam packed with fun laughter. They started by playing a game similar to ‘truth or dare’, only ‘truth’ wasn’t a choice. Basically students were to pass a cup around following the beat of banging pans and when the music stops whoever the cup stops on would have one of three punishments befall upon them. Students had to either hug a foreign student, perform an act, or find a friend to do the two prior. It was a great way to break the ice and it got quite intense to the fact that one of the Indonesian students ended up hugging the Chinese MC out of an act of desperation.




After everyone got more comfortable it was on to the main event! The whole room was lit up with smiles of everyone making dumplings whilst listening to music. Some students had prepared some ingredients’ to add to their dumplings prior to the event so it didn’t take long before the room was filled with a wide array of dumplings. From dumplings of interesting combinations, such as corned beef to veggie oriented ones, to dumplings of crazy weird shapes such as the doughnut dumplings, it was a festival of dumpling making like no other.




The University also took the opportunity to immortalize the event by having professional videographer take videos of the event. The event is going to be featured in BFSU’s promotional video! With some students singing and dancing, others happily eating their own well deserved dumplings, some taking pictures, others having fun conversations and all under the light of a professional video crew, the Mixer was a success achieved by the hard work of multiple parties and truly a memorable experience worth cherishing.


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