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BFSU Leading The Way In Sino-US Students Exchange





Last Friday, News Program of CCTV interviewed international students of BFSU in terms of President Xi Jinping' visit to the United States of America. International students Seneca, Gaoming and Meirui He who are all from the US made a few commments on the President Xi' visit and the future development of Sino-US relations.





President Xi announced during his visit to America that China and the US will exchange 50 thousand students in the following 3 years. As Seneca said, this would be an extraordinary opportunity for students of both countries to enhance mutual understanding. And the American students would learn more about China and the Chinese culture so that they could remove the misunderstandings.






Gaoming believed that only to see the culture with our own eyes, could we learn and uderstand it deeply. Meirui He also shared her opinions on the Sino-US relations. She said that there would be more cooperation in terms of economy and techonology and the interdependence between China and the US would certainly be enhanced.




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