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Celebration of Corban Festival




Corban Festival is an annual major traditional Islamic featival. It falls on the 10th of the twelfth month of Islamic Calendar. Corban Festival is one of the most important festival for Muslims which is also called Sacrifice Festival and Filial piety Festival.






IBS is a school with multi-cultures and its students come from different countries with various customs. IBS respects every culture. Yesterday, IBS hosted a lunch for Muslim students to celebrate this traditional Muslim festival. The acting dean of BFSU-SolBridge Dr. Liu Peng on behalf of faculties of IBS attended this event and made a short speech to students. He addressed that life was full of turbulence, but if we could  carry on with hope and  dedication, we would make this world better and better. His speech coincided with the theme of the Corban Festival which is to give and to sacrifice.




Six international students took part in this celebration. They came from different countries, but due to this celebration, they are united as one. Chatting, laughing and eating, in a warm and harmonious atmosphere, they celebrated this festival in a  different way. As Mike, one of the internatinal students said that though we never celebrated Corban Festival in this way, we really appreciated IBS held this celebration lunch for us. We were far from home, but in IBS, we felt at home. We were honored and proud to be part of IBS.







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