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2015 spring IBS Immersion Week: Learning China’s finance development and looking for business ideas as a team




2015 Spring IBS Immersion Week for international students was held from May 11st to May 15th including three days' field trip to Pingyao, Shanxi Province and two days’ group discussion and group presentation at BFSU after coming back from Pingyao.







The IBS Immersion Week is an intensive, one-week and academic business immersion experience held every semester for IBS students to immerse themselves in various activities to help them learn and understand business and management in different ways. Students will visit top companies in China, attend academic lectures, discuss with their supervisors, do research in groups, make a group presentation and finish an individual report in the end. During the Immersion Week, students are able to learn outside classroom and understand business in China.


Pingyao is a county in central Shanxi province in China. Pingyao was the financial center of China in the late Qing Dynasty. During those times, there were as many as 20 financial institutions within the city, comprising more than half of total in the whole country. Now Pingyao ancient city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a major tourist attraction inhabited by some 50,000 residents.


This semester’s Immersion Week aims at presenting a brand new topic to all the students through the 3-day trip to Pingyao ancient city where China’s first contemporary bank, Rishengchang Draft Bank (founded in 1823), is located. During their visit to the China Draft Bank Museum built on the site of Rishengchang Draft bank, the students had a chance to observe and understand how people managed a bank in ancient China and to learn China’s financial and banking development history in real context.



Besides the visits, the students were required to complete a group mission of looking for business ideas inside the Pingyao ancient city. Each group observed what they needed for the business ideas and decided what specific problem or topic they wanted to focus on. Next, they had to come up with solutions or conclusions to the problem or the topic by means of interviewing, making research and brainstorming. In Friday’s group presentation when they presented their group work, most of the groups have done a very good job in showing what they’ve experienced from the field trip and explained how they found new business ideas, for example, “PingYao: Touring with E-LX (a tourist app)”, “Hotel Experiences in the Old City and Ideas for Improvement”, and “Briging the Air Balloon to Pingyao.”


The IBS Immersion Week activity encourages IBS students to learn outside classroom. This semester’s Immersion Week enables the IBS students to learn China’s financial and banking development in the most famous ancient bank in China. Meanwhile, the students have completed the group mission through which they can apply business knowledge learned in class to real business cases.

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