Kickoff! The 1st IBS.BFSU Chinese Proficiency Competition


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The 1st IBS.BFSU Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreign Secondary School Students:

Bright Youth, Fun Chinese

opens for registration now!






Nihao! Chinese leaners around the world:

It's time to show your Chinese proficiency!

IBS.BFSU is launching the very first Chinese Proficiency Competition for worldwide secondary school students who are currently learning Chinese! We hope you could not only demonstrate how well you could speak and understand Chinese, but also makes friends with other Chinese leaners!


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赛程 Time and Arrangements:




17-21 Oct. 2022: Registration and submission of video entries for the preliminary round;

28 Oct.2022: Release of the finalists and speech topics for the final.


11月19日-11月20日 (具体决赛时间以后期公布为准)

19-20 Nov. 2022 (The exact time will be further confirmed and announced)


预赛的视频要录些什么?What to record for your preliminary entry?

1. 一段自我介绍 A self-introduction

2. 一段主题演讲 A speech on one of following topics:



千万记得 Remember to:

1. 视频不要超过3分钟(自我介绍在1分钟以内)

2. 将视频和其他的表格材料提交到

3. 仔细阅读指导手册中的要求(指导手册在本文末尾下载)


1. Keep your video within 3mins (self-intro: within 1min)

2. Send your video together with other required forms to

3. Check the guidelines for more requirement and information (Scroll to the end of page and find the download link)


要怎么准备决赛呢?What to prepare for the final round?

1. 一段现场主题演讲 (主题会在10月底公布)

2. 为你的演讲准备PPT

3. 评委会根据你的演讲提问,再追加几个中文语言知识的问题


1. A real-time keynote speech (the topic will be released in late Oct.)

2. A PPT on your speech

3. Q&A on your speech and basic Chinese language knowledge.


获奖者的奖品是?What do we prepare for winners?


Winners could choose either cash prize or non-cash prize!


现金奖品 Cash prize

一等奖 First place: 1000 RMB

二等奖 Second place: 800 RMB

三等奖 Third place: 500 RMB


非现金奖 Non-cash prize


一等奖 100%第一年学费奖学金(价值人民币26,000元)。





二等奖 80%第一年学费奖学金 (价值人民币20,800)





三等奖 50%第一年学费奖学金 (价值人民币 13,000)





参与奖 本人报读北外国商学历项目,可免除项目申请费(价值人民币800元)。






IBS.BFSU Entry Scholarship will be awarded to the contestant if he/she enrolls in a Chinese-taught undergraduate programme at IBS.BFSU.

First place: 100% of tuition fee for the first academic year (26,000RMB)

Second place: 80% of tuition fee for the first academic year (20,800RMB)

Third place: 50% of tuition fee for the first academic year (13,000RMB)

Participation award: All finalists will receive an E-certificate of participation. They are also exempt from programme application fee (800 RMB) for their application for the Degree programme of IBS.BFSU.



*IBS.BFSU reserves the right of final interpretation of all matters relating to this competition.


联系方式:Contact us if you have any question

Tel.: 0086-10-88816563

Email: /



Download Area


声明-Declaration Form


Guidelines-IBSBFSU Chinese Proficiency Competition-ENG

คู่มือประกวดภาษาจีน ฉบับภาษาไทย-Thai

Руководство по проведению первого конкурса китайского языка-RU



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