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IBS.BFSU Signed with Global Limited Partner Convention


This month IBS.BFSU signed with Global Limited Partner Convention. With the positioning of serving the development of the real economy and the concept of combining industry and finance, the convention strives to provide corresponding financial services from the direction of national supply-side reform and industrial transformation, and seeks investment and financing opportunities with a global perspective for the whole industry institutions in the financial supply chain.

The signing ceremony saw the establishment of an teaching practice base between GLPC and the school. 



Hu Qianwen, former Chinese Ambassador to Bangladesh, Cambodia and Vietnam, expressed his hope on the ceremony that GLPC is an integrated platform of industry, academia, research and finance and the cooperation would  promote and improve the combination of digitalisation and financial empowerment.

Liu Zhongzhu, Secretary General of Double Green Think Tank and Vice Chairman of Green Supply Chain Alliance of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, said in his speech that Global Limited Partner Convention helps the government to attract investment during the economic downturn; as it not only aims to "attract the strongest and the largest", but also to "attract the best".

At the event, Yang Xiejin, Chairman of the GLPC Directors Club  gave a sharing on "Synthetic Fallacies and Balance Sheet Recession". He said that the world has entered turbulent times in the past few years and more and more investment institutions are pessimistic about the future global economic situation. The seven major crises – epidemic, climate, energy, food, war, inflation and decoupling – have never occurred simultaneously in the world's past 80 years of history. In a world in turmoil, digital investment in industry is a promising way forward if we want to maintain a stable development.

Niu Huayong, Dean of IBS.BFSU said in his speech that in the past few years, we have felt the impact and challenges of globalisation, whether in terms of human resources exchange, academic exchange or trade cooperation. However, all economic practitioners should not be sunk, but should be able to re-understand the industry, economy and globalization in the midst of changes, and push the "Globalization 1.0 era" into the "Globalization 2.0 era". It is hoped that the GLPC Global LP Conference and BFSU International Business School can jointly develop channels and platforms for communication with domestic and international capital, and establish a new and healthy relationship between institutions, finance and industry in emerging countries.




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