2022 I-CEE Global Forum on Business Case Study To Be Held


This Saturday (27 August) 2022 I-CEE Global Forum on Business Case Study will be held online, where faculty and students from different countries will analyse the winning business cases and discuss new ideas for internationalisation of companies from emerging economies.

The Forum 2022 is organised by the I-CEE Research Centre (Internationalization of Companies from Emerging Economies Research Centre) of Beijing Foreign Studies University International Business School & SolBridge International Business School in Korea.

This week I-CEE Research Centre released the detailed agenda. Dean of IBS.BFSU Prof. Niu Huayong will addressed the speech for the forum, followed by the presentation on awarded-case by faculty researchers worldwide. The forum will see the final round of the 2022 I-CEE Student Case Competition, where the advancing teams will present their research cases with more details.

This year, a total of 14 teams (7 in the English group and 7 in the Chinese group) made it to the finals. The I-CEE Research Centre also released the cases researched by the advancing teams.