Symposium by Center for G20 Studies On Russo-Ukraine Tension


On the morning of 21 June 2022, the Center for G20 Studies at Beijing Foreign Studies University hosted an online lecture on "Climate and Energy Policy in the Context of the Russo-Ukraine Tension" by Gernot Wagner, PhD in Political Economy at Harvard University and Senior Lecturer at Columbia University Business School. Dr Wagner's main areas of research are environmental economics, climate change and policy.


Since the Russia-Ukraine disputes, international oil prices have reached record highs and global energy and climate policies are facing challenges. Dr Wagner began the lecture by looking at the global economic impact of the Russia-Ukraine conflict and the changes in climate policy, introducing the main content of the lecture, and specifically discussing energy and climate policy in the US and Europe in the context of the Transatlantic Divergence. Dr Wagner then analysed the extent of the economic impact of climate change and uncertainty in the context of economics, and the implications for policy. Finally, Dr Wagner explores the strong links between climate policy and international relations and geopolitics.





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