Six Majors of IBS are Listed in China’s National First-Class Major


Ministry of Education recently issued the updated list of “National First-class Undergraduate Major”. Four majors of IBS.BFSU are listed in the updated file: Finance, Information Management and Information Systems, Business Administration, and E-Commerce. Including two majors, International Economics and Trade and Accounting, which were evaluated as national first-class majors in 2020, IBS now has a total of SIX national first-class undergraduate majors.


Since the new semester, IBS will further put the higher requirement on the professional knowledge; at the same time it will more focus on students’ statistical analysis skills. All majors have optimised the structure and structure of the main course. All majors of IBS.BFSU has strengthened the course content including statistics and metrics, computer programming, databases and data structures, and big data business analysis. In addition, different academic programmes are re-designed for meeting students’ future career development.




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