IBS Held Mock Interview and Job-Hunting Coaching Session


On 20 April, IBS held the mock interview and job-hunting coaching session. Eight interviewers and judges from BFSU and companies were invited. More than 90 students participated in the session.

This time, students mainly practiced Leaderless Group Discussion. The mock interview started after the moderator read out the rules and interview process. In the LGD, each group was required to discuss an assigned case and reach a consensus, based on professional knowledge and comprehensive ability. At the end of the discussion, the group chose a representative to present the content of the discussion.


The judges evaluated each interviewee from five major aspects: thinking and analysis ability, interpersonal skills, stress response-ability, organisation and coordination ability, and initiative. They commented on the overall performance of the group, pointing out the strengths and weaknesses; and then told students the purpose of the company's assessment through the leaderless group interview.


The judges advised students to fully understand the job requirement of recruiter and the competencies before the interview. Students were suggested to impress the interviewers as quickly as possible in the opening three to five minutes, and to show their professionalism in the discussion, and to demonstrate their ability of communication, leadership, observation and collaboration.


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