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Researcher Recruitment & Call for Case Submission


Since the 1990’s, Foreign Direct Investment by MNEs based in emerging economies has increased significantly. Their internationalization path is quite different from the counterparts based in developed economies, also met with unique opportunities and challenges. Research in this area is far from sufficient, requiring more commitment and contribution from the intellectual institutions. 

With this in mind, I-CEE Center welcome all scholars with research interest in international business to register as a researcher.

Researchers are expected to: 

- Submit one or more cases every year; 
– Provide lectures on topics of international business on request, online or offline, at your convenience; 
– Participate in the academic events sponsored by I CEE Center.

Call for Case Submission:
– Please include the Teaching Note for the teaching case.
– Topics: Any business topics involving a company from emerging economies doing business in another country.
   E.g., Huawei in Canada: Can it become a Trusted Player?
(Huawei – A company from China (Home country, emerging economy)
    Canada – Host country
    Issue – To become a trusted player)
– Please note that the case involving a challenge, or a problem, or an issue is more preferred than the “best practice” case.
– Word count: 3000-6000 words for the case, 1500-3000 words for the Teaching Note

Please send your CV and case to to submit the application.

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