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CHUANG XING Power (Beijing) Consulting Service Co., Ltd. Signs Strategic Cooperation Memorandum with IBS


On June 18, International Business School of Beijing Foreign Studies University signed a memorandum of strategic cooperation with CHUANG XING Power (Beijing) Consulting Service Co., Ltd,and awarded the plaque of "Enterprise Practice Base of International Business School(IBS)of Beijing Foreign Studies University" to CHUANG XING Power.This cooperation means that both sides will carry out all-round cooperation in student practice, talent training, industry university research combination, etc.


CHUANG XING Power is a well-known innovation and entrepreneurship service organization, a national high-tech enterprise, and a Vice President Unit of China association of technology entrepreneurs. The company has the brands of innovation and entrepreneurship information and enterprise service platform(like CHUANG Headline), the innovative incubation carrier(like Honeycomb Incubation), digital enabling platform(like SaaS), venture capital fund(like FengYun), etc., and has constructed innovative and entrepreneurial service systems such as online service, offline incubation, digital empowerment, enterprise acceleration and investment and financing services.

In recent years, CHUANG XING Power has successively held several national level activities such as the National Entrepreneurship and Innovation Week. Through the development of the “big screen of SaaS data”, it has shown the achievements of the development of entrepreneurship and innovation, and has become the "first stop of Museum Tour" of national leaders in the national double innovation week.The organization has repeatedly planned and undertaken key entrepreneurship and innovation activities such as the China Association for science and technology, the Ministry of science and technology, and the Ministry of rural agriculture, which has received extensive attention.

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