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IBS Teachers and Students Visited the Headquarter of Alibaba Group in Beijing


On June 2nd, IBS launched the "Practical Learning Program” — "Enterprise Visiting Practice" activities. More than 40 students and teachers visited Alibaba Group's headquarter in Wangjing. The event was led by Wen Wen, Deputy Director of Domestic Cooperation Office, and  Chen Yuxi, Head of Affairs.


Mr. Wang Qiang, Director of Strategic Development Department of Alibaba, expressed a warm welcome to the arrival of IBS students and teachers. Together they watched the Alibaba promotional video, which showed the business segments of Alibaba.


Afterwards, Mr. Liu Xuefei, Director of Alibaba's External Liaison Department, gave the students a systematic introduction of Alibaba's new digital infrastructure covering payment and financial services, marketing and data management, logistics and supply chain, geography and transportation information, and cloud computing and artificial intelligence. 

Mr. Yang Shipeng, Manager of Alibaba's Cainiao Campus, gave an explanation of Cainiao's logistics digital intelligence engine. At the same time, he also put forward Cainiao's university cooperation plan and proposed more directions for future cooperation: promoting deep industry-education integration between schools and enterprises and building industry talents together.

Mr. Wang Qiang shared the practice of technology-driven digital economy innovation to the students and teachers. He introduced the digital transformation and upgrade for the whole society, starting with the inclusion of Ali's anti-pandemic QR code in the National Museum. Mr. Wang Qiang listed many cutting-edge technology cases of Alibaba and introduced the future strategy of Alibaba to the audience.



After the speech, students and teachers asked questions and exchanged ideas, which were answered in detail by Mr. Wang Qiang and Mr. Liu Yang, Manager of Strategic Development Department of Alibaba Group.


This enterprise-visiting activity was practical. The college will also promote more cooperation with Alibaba Group in the future.


In order to encourage outstanding undergraduates who have the ability to actively participate in practical teaching activities, make career planning in advance, and effectively enhance their employment competitiveness, IBS has decided to implement the Undergraduate Student Practice Program (USPP). The USPP program consists of two modules: "Career Planning" and "Enterprise Visiting Practice", and is open to students in their junior and senior years. The college will invite representatives from famous enterprises or alumni to regularly share their career experience and career planning guidance, and will also contact the partner enterprises in Beijing regularly to organize visits to the enterprises for students. The Office of Undergraduate Academic Affairs and Teaching, the Office of Student Affairs and the Office of Domestic Cooperation are responsible for the planning and management of the program.

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