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2021China-Japan-Korea Forum of Regional Cooperation and Development was Held in BFSU


From May 27 to 29, 2021, China-Japan-Korea Forum of Regional Cooperation and Development was held in our university. Sponsored by Beijing Foreign Studies University(BFSU)and hosted by International Business School of BFSU, the theme of the conference is "Prospects for Cooperation in China, Japan and South Korea in the New Era and Sustainable Development of World Economy – Towards a Community with a Shared Future for Mankind".

The meeting was held in the form of combination of online and offline. More than 100 experts and scholars from over 10 universities at home and abroad, including Beijing Foreign Studies University, Yonsei University of Korea, Kagoshima International University of Japan, Kangwon National University of Korea, Nagoya University of Japan, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, China Institute of International Studies , Woosong University of Korea and Tsinghua University.

At the opening ceremony, Niu Huayong, Dean of the International Business of BFSU, delivered a speech firstly. He said that the current cooperation in China, Japan and South Korea is still at a time when it is difficult to express clearly. Close economic and trade relations and complex political climate exist at the same time. “Today, we have the honor to invite experts and scholars from different countries to discuss the cooperation and development of the three countries from different professional perspectives. It will be a feast of thought and scholarship for all of us", he said.

Next, Woo Jin-hoon, Secretary General of the Forum, reviewed the 20-year work of the forum. He mentioned that the purpose of holding this forum is to consolidate the academic achievements made by domestic and foreign academic circles in the research fields of China, Japan and South Korea, better promote the exchange and integration of discipline resources and academic resources with international academic circles, further promote the economic cooperation in Northeast Asia, and provide a centralized exchange and research platform for the global Northeast Asian research academic circles.

The keynote session is presented by Young-Ryeol Park, President of Yonsei University and Korea Management association; Yu Junli, Director of Senior Education Center of School of Government Management of Peking University; Kang Shang Xianshu, Professor of School of Economics of Kagoshima International University and Representative of Global Regional Research Association of Japan; Li Xuanxun, Professor of Kangwon National University; and Zhang Yujie, Professor of School of Economics and Management of Tsinghua University; Mr. Hirakawa, President of the society of International Asian Communities and Honorary Professor of Nagoya University, Mr. Yoo taek Lee, Dean of Endicott International College of yonosura University, Korea, and Mr. Yu Minhao, Professor of Nagoya University of Commerce & Business, made special reports from the perspectives of culture, industrial cooperation, economic relations and common development of China, Japan and South Korea.

At the round-table forum, keynote speeches were invited from Ni Yueju, who is from Institute of World Economics and Politics Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Xie Tao, Dean of International Relations College of Beijing Foreign Studies University, and other scholars from different universities had conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions on the keynote speech during this time.

In the morning of 29th, three sub-forums were held online at the same time. More than 30 domestic and foreign experts made keynote speeches and academic reports on the theme of the conference, and further discussed the issues related to regional cooperation and development in China, Japan and South Korea.

At the Closing Ceremony of the forum, Niu Huayong read out the list of prize winners for papers. The papers submitted by scholars from Shandong University, Jiangsu University, Beijing Foreign Studies University, Nanjing University of Science and Technology, and East China University of political science and law won the prizes. Woo Jin-hoon presented the certificate of award to the winners. Niu Huayong mentioned in his concluding speech that the regional cooperation and development among China, Japan and South Korea is a very important and meaningful research topic. He hoped that young scholars would maintain exchanges and cooperation and constantly push the cooperation and development of the three countries to a new stage.


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