International Business School Held a Welcome Meeting for International Students

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On March 1, International Business School(IBS) held a welcome meeting for international students enrolled in the spring semester of 2021 in the form of online conference. Assistant dean of IBS, Dong Lili, Cui Xiaoning, Li Wenbin, person in charge of each functional office for international students, members of IBS Union and all the IBS international freshmen of the spring semester of the 2021 attended this welcome meeting.

At the beginning of the meeting, Dong Lili, on behalf of International Business School, warmly welcomed all the international freshmen, and explaind the basic situation and educational objectives of the college. She hopes that the freshmen are able to carry on their dreams and bravely move forward, leading the studying life direction of freshmen.

Gyeongbae, a South Korean student of Grade 2018, and Dana, a Russian student of Grade 2021, respectively made speech one after another as representatives of current students and freshmen, sharing the learning experience in IBS and expressing the infinite vision for the coming gorgeous time in IBS.

Subsequently, person in charge of each functional office for international students respectively explained the issues that freshmen pay close attention to, such as freshmen entrance education, programs of studying in China, and curriculum arrangement.

After the Q & A session, the welcome meeting came to an end. This semester, 53 international students from 14 countries joined IBS. This welcome meeting could help international students understand IBS and majors, plan for the future, and make them better adapt to university life.



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Current Student Representative Speech by GYEONGBAE


Dear school faculty, fellow students, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen,

Welcome to the IBS community, this is GyeongBae Jeon. I am currently a junior and serving as one of the board members in the IBS Union. Above all, I would like to express my grief upon being not able to look at all your faces and talk to you in one same room. I have to say that I am greatly desperate as much as you wishing to go back to our campus as soon as possible. Today, I wish I could briefly share my experience in BFSU to you. My journey in BFSU has been a blessing. My little advice can be derived from this quote, “Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.”

Let me start with explaining the attractive opportunity that IBS-BFSU faculty added into our curriculum is so called. “immersion week.” It is where we get to visit bunch of innovative and pioneering companies in China and travel the famous tourist sites such as Hangzhou. It is worth for me to mention because it was an opportunity for me to interact with the actual business world and apply the business mindset. My team put heads together and tried to suggest new business ideas to the cities that we visited. It boasted a sheer self-confidence in myself that I could as well as start a business, which was what I needed. I hope you guys are excited as much as I do as you will be able to expand your perspective and have a sense of working in an international team.

Unfortunately, the situation is a bit different at this moment. However, this does not mean there is no door of adventure for you to knock. The faculties host numerous business competitions even during this time. You should consider partnering up with your fellow classmates and be the challenger so that you will facilitate your caliber to the next level. Your professors and the faculties will be here to give you the utmost help and provide the tools for you to grow.

Once everything settles down, the faculties and the IBS Union will be waiting in the campus to give you all the big hugs. We will be cherishing the moments in our community together. You will get to make new friends, the potential business partners, and feel the academic environment side by side with the Chinese students, and participate and organize numerous international events.

As my ending remarks, I wish that the experience here becomes your milestone to help you embark on your future journey successfully. Thank you. 




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Freshman Student Representative Speech by DANA


Hello dear teachers and students!

My name is Dana, I’m from Russia and I’m a freshman of International Business School. I've always dreamed of studying in China and

I’m very proud to call myself a student of International Business School, Beijing Foreign Studies University.

I`d like to congratulate everyone who entered this year. We were selected and proved that we are worthy to study here.

I know this is a difficult time because of the pandemic. And I want to say “thank you” to the university for the opportunity for us to study from anywhere and also for the opportunity to study in English. IBS, BFSU gives a chance to meet new interesting people from all over the world and get the experience that you can’t get anywhere else. All people understand the necessity of the development of foreign relations. The university gathers together the best students and I’m happy to be surrounded by people who want to build a career and prosperous life.

I am sure that the knowledge gained in International Business School will help all of us to fulfill our dreams and achieve success. The study here will definitely change our lives for the better. We are looking forward to start studying and will do our best.

I’m glad that we don’t lose time and have the study online and also I am looking forward to seeing you all soon in China. Beijing is one of the most influential and economically powerful cities. Living and studying in the world capital is the best thing that can be. 

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