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IBS Holds Student Epidemic Prevention and Control Management Conference

POST TIME:2020-12-31 | AUTHOR:管理员

In the morning of December 28, IBS held an student epidemic prevention and control management work meeting to implement school requirements and deploy college arrangements in response to the current epidemic situation. Li Chunli, secretary of the Party branch of the college, and all teachers from the Student Affairs Office attended this meeting.

Li Chunli, the Chair of school council first conveyed the school’s latest requirements on epidemic prevention and control work. She pointed out that all teachers and students in the school should pay close attention to epidemic prevention and control work, and strictly ensure that “no need to travel, no departure, no gathering, and not going to high-risk areas if necessary”. In view of the large number of students in the International Business School and the characteristics of multiple levels, she proposed that counselors of all grades should strictly control responsibilities, fine-tune management measures, update the ledger in time, and master students dynamic.

Subsequently, Li Wenbin, the director of the Students Office Affairs, interpreted the International Business School's work notice on epidemic prevention and control management, and made work arrangements for the campus recent entry and exit management, as well as the end of the school leaving during the winter holiday.

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