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Teachers and students representatives of International Business School attended the Going Green Activity of Hostelling International


On November 28, the representatives of the teachers and students of International Business School were invited by Hostelling International to attend the Going Green and Seed Power Environmental Creative Activity, which was hosted by China International Youth Center and Toyota Motor (China) Co. LTD.


The activity took place at 9:30 a.m. To start with, the student representative Xu Haoning, a graduate student of the International Business School of Beijing Foreign Studies University, read the Green Initiative. After that, international students and Chinese students appreciated Chinese traditional food culture by making Chinese delicacies. In the end, the activity was held successfully in the central tea house. The teenagers from different countries exchanged their insights about the experience of environmental protection. The international student Diana from International Business School and the graduate students Wu Chaorui and Xu Haoning shared their opinions respectively.


This activity enabled students to have a deeper understanding of the current situation of environmental protection, and enhanced the friendship among the youth of various countries.

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