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The International Business School Graduate Student Association Successfully Held the Third Session of Employment Lecture


At 5:00 p.m. on November 20, 2020, the third session of graduate employment lecture of International Business School, resume writing skills lecture, was successfully held in classroom 415 of Yifu Building. Li Sifei, associate professor of International Business School, helped graduate students understand the skills and precautions of resume writing.


Resume is the first step on the way of applying a job, and how to write a resume is the priority issue. What kind of resume can catch HR's attention? What should a resume contain? Does the resume template on the network really works? In the lecture, associate professor Li Sifei answered these puzzles using his own experience and typical case analysis.

2In this lecture, Prof. Li first introduced the basic content and requirements of the resume. Then he gave the model of resume decision-making: 1. Analyze the needs of HR; 2. Dig out the "facts" and match their "needs" to determine the specific content of the resume. Then, using the actual case and his experience, Prof. Li introduced the basic structure of a resume and the minefields that need to be avoided, such as disclosing sensitive information of clients and subjective information, personality characteristics, for example.

At the end of the lecture, Prof. Li gave the students the key points that always should be kept in mind in a resume writing: each resume is only given 30 seconds to read; each HR is really sensitive about details; review repeatedly to avoid mistakes; use at least 80 grams of white paper when printing; send attachments in PDF format; bring several spare resumes when going to interview; always remember that resume should be revised repeatedly and seriously enough to be sufficiently detailed.

3In the whole lecture, Prof. Li helped students understand "what to write" and "why you write" through analyzing the motivation behind resume writing. In addition to the basic knowledge of writing, he also explained the details in the resume that are easy to be ignored, explaining why there is no response from a resume, and what details will help students at the critical moment. In the end, Prof. Li wishes this lecture can help students to combine knowledge and skills with practice, and receive offers as soon as possible. 

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