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The IBS Halloween Party was Held Last Friday

POST TIME:2014-11-19 | AUTHOR:管理员

The IBSUnion held its annual Halloween Party on October 31st, occupying the entire IBS building. 

Students from different departments in BFSU gathered together at the gate of IBS around 7:00 pm and waited in line to get into the builidng, wearing masks or costumes to represent vampires, monsters, ghosts, skeletons and witches. Some were even dressed in Hanfu or Kimono. Students from different cultural backgrounds had a wonderful Halloween party together. 


Six IBSUnion Members on the Third Floor of IBS Building

The Union had planned this event for over a month in advance. All departments were all hands on deck for its planning, and its ultimate execution. For several days before the Halloween party, all departments of the IBS Union went out around BFSU for ticket sale.  The ticket sales were a monstrous success, with all tickets sold out in one day, and an abundance of guests arriving to the party itself.
On the afternoon of October 31st, the entire union arrived three hours early, at 4 pm, to prepare the IBS building for the Halloween Party, working in teams to decorate the whole venue. On the first floor, you had security guarding the entrance to the “Haunted Hospital” which was a zombie playground.  The security then escorted all the guests through the hospital, up to the second floor, through hordes of zombies, to the third floor, again through hordes of still more zombies, and finally, the fourth floor, to the party, and a waiting DJ.


The Halloween Party that the IBSUnion prepared was a resounding success.  Everyone who went had a good time, enjoyed the haunted hospital section, and loved the party on the fourth floor.  Good Job IBS!  Happy Halloween!
Written by: IBSUnion
Edited by: Mosi

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