Research on Global Systemic Risk Index System and Reflections on the Construction of Innovative Think Tanks Hold on June 10, 2020


At 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. on June 10, 2020, Professor Fang Ming, director, researcher and doctoral supervisor of global financial strategy Laboratory of Southwest University of Finance and Economics (SUFE), gave an academic lecture entitled "Research on Global Systemic Risk Index System and Reflections on the Construction of Innovative Think Tanks" in the International Building of Beijing Foreign Studies University.


Professor Fang Ming has successively served as an expert of the Financial International Standards Tracking Research Working Group of the People's Bank of China, a director of the Chinese Financial Science and Technology Professional Committee, an off campus tutor of Peking University School of Economics, and a special expert of the Financial Times financial news column. He was once a senior product manager and senior analyst of the financial department of the head office of the Bank of China, and also served as a sponsor of the Asian Development Bank (ADB). He has presided over and participated in many national ministries, natural science funds and research projects. In 2015, Professor Fang was employed by the Chinese Financial Research Center of SUFE, and worked in the think tank of SUFE global financial strategy laboratory, helping Beijing Ruixinke Information Technology Co., Ltd. to develop the global risk management platform (


At first, Professor Fang talked about his thoughts on financial practice and theory, global financial market, financial crisis theory, global monetary strategy, etc. in combination with his rich experience, then specifically introduced the original intention of constructing the global systemic risk index, and explained the design and connotation of risk and opportunity index. The global risk pricing, global one price law and financial product standardization were well applied in the construction of index system.


After introducing the index, Professor Fang Ming also talked about the development mode and management mode of global financial strategy laboratory, a new type of think tank, and finally gave some expectations to the global risk management platform.


After the lecture, Professor Fang Ming answered the questions put forward by several teachers carefully. Professor Ren Kangyu, Dean of the Finance Department and deputy director of the G20 Center of the International Business School of our university, presided over the lecture, and teachers of all departments of the International Business School attended the lecture on site or online.

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