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Student from International Business School Contributed to Combat the Epidemic



There are no born heroes, but ordinary people who bell the cat.


Since the epidemic broke out, many volunteers have put themselves forward to combat the disease. Quan Jingyang, a freshman of IBS-BFSU, joined the volunteering team. As a volunteer, she bridged the benefactors and the recipients through the internet. For her, the first winter vacation at university was much busier than ever. She started the combatting journey since the first day of lunar year.


For a whole month, she has helped dozens of hospital. What went through her hands were as much as 16610 isolation gown, 12000 pairs of shoes covers, 26000 pairs of protective gloves, 10 tons of disinfectant, 300 barrels of alcohol, 10000 N95-certified masks and 3300 protective clothing. It was common for her to work til early morning, but Quan Jingyang said that she never regret to do so and she would go on.


The epidemic situation is still serious. A contagious virus recognizes no borders and beating it needs the collective efforts. Students of IBS will continue do their best to contribute to the combat.

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