Students from International Business School Donated Medical Supplies to the Hospital


     At present, the epidemic situation is still severe, and some hospitals are still facing the shortage of medical supplies. Wu fan, a senior of international business at IBS-BFSU, jointly launched the " Bethunes Supporter" plan with Zhang Yuying, a junior of International Economics and trade, Liu Xinyi and Jiao yuan, seniors of Russian School of BFSU. The plan aims to raise money for medical supplies with volunteers all over the world.

The plan has raised as much as ¥28467.73 to purchase ten thousand surgical masks from Russia. With the effort of a warm hearted Logistics company and the Red Cross of JiLin province, all the supplies have arrived at China-Japan Union Hospital of JiLin University and been put into use at the end of February.


      The donation embodies the IBS students’ professional, organizational and communicative skills. They demonstrated their sense of patriotism and social responsibility, which confirms us in our confidence in victory.

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