Preventing and controlling the epidemic, we are together!| Warm wishes from overseas students of International Business School


At the beginning of 2020, the pneumonia epidemic of new coronavirus got prevalent. Many medical workers and relevant staff are battling day and night in the front line combating the virus. To contain the outbreak, the international students of IBS heeded the call by BFSU to stay at home. Our destinies are intertwined universally. Everyone is gripped by the white war. We firmly believe that with every teacher’s and student’s support, we are definitely going to win the battle against COVID-19.

Facing with the unpredictable epidemic situation, international students of IBS from different states sent their best wishes to us. The excerpts are as follows.

Uzbekistan-Alimardon Sabaraliev-International students of IBS-BFSU

We are grateful to China for providing us with a safe place to study, work and trade. China is our second home. Let’s pray for China and to all infected patients and pray that the epidemic will soon disappear. We love China and experience this all together. Let’s pull together to fight!




       Nepal-Nabina-International students of IBS-BFSU

Let's all pray for China, and hope everything back to normal. Our hearts with China, and we are always there to help. I wish my friends in China to be well. God bless China.



       Lesotho-Lerato Lssaoana-International students of IBS-BFSU

Lesotho people are wholeheartedly in solidarity with China. We are optimistic that the brilliance of the scientists will find the everlasting solution to the coronavirus pandemic. Come on, China!



       Thailand- Faculty and students of University of The Thai Chamber of Commerce(UTCC), academic partner university of IBS-BFSU:

On behalf of UTCC, we pray for Chinese people and the world! Stay strong, China!




      There are also many Facebook fans of IBS-BFSU who have expressed their support to China.


International students will assume the responsibility given by the time. The warm wishes confirm us in our belief. We will jointly prevent the spread of infection and unit in fighting!



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