The Laboratory of Artificial Intelligence And Human Language Was Established in BFSU


On December 26th, the forum marking the establishment of the laboratory of artificial intelligence and human language was held in Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFSU).

Attendees included officials from the Ministry of Education, senior executives from well-established technology companies, such as Huawei and iFLYTEK, and experts from prestigious universities in China.


WANG Dinghua, secretary of the CPC committee, expressed sincere gratitude toward those who have been following and assisting in the establishment of the laboratory.


As an important driving force for a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation, artificial intelligence is expected to greatly stimulate the progress of  education in terms of promoting the welfare of human society and human civilization. The combination of AI and education corresponds to what is urgently required in the current age.

Today, the application of artificial intelligence in education is mainly in the field of language recognition and translation. This has provided a solid context in which the laboratory is built.

REN Youqun congratulated on the establishment of the laboratory. He pointed out that since the pilot work of the Ministry of education on the development of artificial intelligence, BFSU has actively explored a new path of the integration of artificial intelligence and education, as a result of which remarkable progress was made. The establishment of the laboratory reflects the determination of BFSU to actively engage in intelligent education and innovative research in the information age. It is hoped that BFSU will continue to promote the integrated development of artificial intelligence and education and accumulate valuable and transferable experience. It is also hoped that the laboratory will achieve fruitful scientific research results and contribute to the goal of building a strong educational country.


In his speech, LU Yong, a president of Huawei Technology, said that Huawei will work with Beijing Foreign Studies University to utilize the advantages of both sides in the field of language and artificial intelligence so as to complement each other and further cooperation in terms of building an artificial intelligence innovation platform, a smart campus with AI technology deeply integrated, and a new, viable model linking artificial intelligence with education.


With the support from partner universities, enterprises and other institutions, BFSU will continue to develop the laboratory, and any profit that may be generated in future will be used for exploring the unknown and communicating with the outside world. It is hoped that the laboratory will gradually become a scientific research platform for all teachers and students of BFSU.



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