Survival guide for Immersion Week



What is Immersion Week?

Immersion Week is a week where International Business School students get to visit various prestigious companies all around China and get to experience what a real-business environment is like! They split up in teams and at the end of the week, each team needs to prepare a detailed and thorough group presentation about what they have learnt. This not only helps enhance their team working abilities but also allows them to acquire the skills necessary to critically analyze or observe issues and suggest possible solutions.

Immersion Week Destinations?

Immersion weeks are known to take place all over China. Hangzhou, Foshan, Nanjing… You name it!

Here are last semester's destinations!

Ping Yao 平遥:


Pingyao is THE unmissable destination for freshmen! If it's your first semester, you are probably going to Pingyao for your first Immersion Week.

You will get to visit the Ancient City of Pingyao and get to learn about the origins of business in China!

Hefei 合肥:


In Hefei, students got to visit many companies, which gave them an insight on how companies in China work! Here are the names of the companies our lucky students visited:

Kao (花王公司),

JAC (江淮汽车),

IFLYTEK (科大讯飞),

Haier (海尔公司),

Geyi Integrated-circuit Ltd (合肥格易成电路有限公司).


Beijing 北京:


Every semester, some students get to stay in Beijing for Immersion Week. They get to visit the companies running the citythey live in which is an incredibly enriching experience! Last semester, students visited Yanjing Beer (燕京啤酒), ShouGangGroup (首钢集团), JianYi Group (建谊集团),

Beijing Municipal Administration and Transportation Card Company (北京市政交通一卡通有限公司), IQIYI (爱奇艺) and PKU HEAL THCARE (北大医疗).


Immersion Week Tips?

To wrap this up, here are a few tips to make your Immersion Week a successful one!

·       Listen closely to the tour guide! He or She will most likely have some information or trivia that you won't find anywhere else, which will definitely come in handy when you are writing your reports!

·       Learning logs aren't diaries! When writing your daily learning logs, don't forget to include some critical thinking inthem. Don't just write about what you did that day, that isn't what thesupervisors are looking for!

·       Don't forget about the presentation coming up! At the end of the week you will have to make a detailed presentation which will determineyour grade. So keep that in mind and collect ideas throughout the week!

·       Don't be the weakest link! No one likes the person that doesn't do anything in the group, so don't be that person! Make sure you contribute in group discussions and give it your all.

Have a great Immersion Week everyone!!

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