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Dear Partners,

International Business School (IBS BFSU) International Faculty (Full time, Long-term experts) Recruitment has officially started. Now, we sincerely invite you to join us!

Qualification Requirements:
1.Master or PhD degree from renowned university OR
Lecturer/assistant professor or above in renowned university;
2.Experienced professional managers are welcome too. Both academic achievement and practical experience are highly valued in IBS-BFSU.

Job Responsibilities:
1. Be Self-disciplined, patient and effective in communication;
2. Teaching undergraduate and possibly graduate courses, advising students in fluent English;
3. Engaging with the college, university and business communities;
4. Producing and actively participating in relevant research projects.

Teaching Courses:
1. International Finance;
2. International Trade;
3. Business Management;
4. E-commerce;
5. International Business and Economics;
6. Any other economics or business-related area.

Faculty Remuneration:
1. Sign 1-3 year contract with IBS BFSU;
2. Enjoy the attractive remuneration and benefit.
3. Round-trip air ticket and on-campus accommodation provided by BFSU;
4. Master: minimum 160,000 RMB/Each year;
5. Doctor/Lecturer/Assistant Professor: minimum 180,000 RMB/Each year;
6. Associate Professor: minimum 210,000 RMB/Each year;
7. Professor: minimum 240,000 RMB/Each year.

It’s highly appreciated if you could help us spread this recruitment info to any qualified applicants who are possibly interested!

It is our great pleasure to receive CV from applicants via email at: and (please kindly send to the both)

Ms Chuan Q.
Secretary of Foreign Affairs
International Business School,
Beijing Foreign Studies University

Tel: (86) 10 88816349

Welcome to join us!


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