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About Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFSU)
Beijing Foreign Studies University, or BFSU, is a prestigious university in China under the direct leadership of the Chinese Ministry of Education. It is one of China’s top universities listed under the Project 985 and Project 211, both comprising top universities in China. At present, BFSU is one of China’s oldest language universities,teaching a total of 101 foreign languages and offering education at different levels.

About International Business School (IBS)
Founded in 2001, the International Business School (IBS) is one of the largest schools in Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFSU). It offers a variety of programs including regular undergraduate programs, Chinese-foreign joint undergraduate programs, master’s programs, dual-bachelor-degree programs, PhD programs, and executive training programs. IBS aims to build itself into China’s first globalized business school featuring multilingual, multicultural and multiregional education through joint efforts made by its faculty, students and alumni. We want to become a leader in connecting China with the rest of the world and to cultivate open-minded and socially responsible future business leaders.

Program Description
The MBA Program went through a rigorous review and was officially approved by the State Council of the People’s Republic of China on May 6th, 2019.
The MBA Program will be starting its first cohort in 2020, with specialized concentrations in two areas: international finance and global digital innovation.
At its core, the Program is specifically and uniquely designed to develop superior management practitioners who would find themselves navigating seamlessly in a dynamic, multilingual and multicultural business environment. A small-scale education model will be adopted throughout the program, with an expected total number of 35 students.
Niu Huayong, dean of the International Business School of Beijing Foreign Studies University, will be the head master of the first semester of the 2020 Program.

The Objectives of the Program include:
Developing global entrepreneurs’ understanding of Chinese business practices;
Adapting Chinese entrepreneurs’ to the global economic conditions; and
Equipping managers and entrepreneurs with outstanding cross-cultural management expertise in the context of technological advances and diverse cultures.

Unique Features
1.A flexible combination of compulsory and elective Courses
2.Language and Communication Skills
(1) Courses directed at English proficiency
(2) Second foreign languages courses available: French and Spanish
(3) Enhancing cross-cultural communication and management skills with a mix of Chinese and international students taking courses together
(4) Group projects in diverse forms
(5) Exchange programs with renowned universities worldwide
3.Two Specialized Concentrations: International Finance and Global Digital Innovation.
Students are required to take 5 compulsory courses in their selected area of emphasis and can take 3 elective courses from other modules at their discretion.
4.Opportunities for multiregional exchanges and joint programs.

Tuition Fees
MBA Program in Chinese: 64,000 RMB per year
MBA Program in English: 74,000 RMB per year
*Does not include accommodation and food expenses during international travels

International Business School Contact Information
For general information, registration or appointments please contact:
International Business School, Beijing Foreign Studies University
W.3rd Ring Road North No.19, Haidian

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