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Safety Tips for China National Day Holiday


Dear international students,
China National Day Holiday is coming! China National Day 2019 starts from October 1st to October 7th for seven days. Friday classes are given on September 29 (Sunday).
We would like to remind you of the following holiday safety tips and precautions, no matter you are going to travel away from or stay in the campus:

For students who travel away from campus:
1. Keep your mobile phone on at all times while travelling. Call your teachers or dial 110 for police assistance in case of emergency.
2. Drink responsibly and sensibly. Avoid violence or unnecessary conflicts. Do not travel with strangers. Do not accept food or drinks from strangers. It is advisable to travel with your friends.
3. Traffic drives on the right in China. Please beware of traffic safety and follow the traffic rules. Do not take any illegal taxi. Do not ride unlicensed motorbikes or electric bicycles. Do not ride with a passenger. No drunk driving.
4. Pay attention to public sanitation and food safety. Do not eat at unlicensed street stalls or unclean food premises. Keep away from packed places to avoid the flu in Autumn and other infectious diseases.
微信图片_20190926121638 For students who stay in campus:
1. Please abide by the accommodation regulations and rules. No smoking in the dormitory buildings. It is not allowed to make unauthorized wire connections or use high-power electrical appliances in the dormitories. Take precautions when using electricity and prevent fire hazards.
2. Do not give your dorm keys to others or let visitors stay over the night.
3. Be moderate. When having parties in the dormitory building or on campus, please minimize noise nuisance and try not to disturb others. No binge drinking on campus and fighting with others.
4. Stay away from drugs.
5. It is not allowed to be engaged in any employment, business or other commercial activities.
6. It is not allowed to be engaged in any missionary and religious gatherings on campus.
7. Do not organize or participate in parades, signing events or any high-risk activities.

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