New Student Orientation of International Business School: Team Building Activities Deepened Friendship


On the afternoon of September 4, all the IBS international freshmen students of fall 2019 semester participated in team building activities in ZiZhuYuan Park, Haidian District, Beijing. The event was organized by the IBS Union (the International Student Union of the International Business School).
In the afternoon, all the international freshmen students headed to ZiZhuYuan Park and actively engaged in a series of exciting group activities. Students were formed into groups of ten, and each group was required to complete a few challenges in order to get points. Groups with the highest points would win the prize.
The team building activities served as a way to encourage students to experience the local way of life and to help them start their IBS journey on the right path.
The team building activities, along with many other events in the new student orientation of International Business School, deepened the friendship among the students.

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