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Laurence Janssen, Freshman Representative Gave a Speech at the 2019 Opening Ceremony of International Business School


Laurence Janssen (Master Student from 2019 International Business Program)
First of all, I would like to express my warmest welcome to all the new IBS students. May this semester be extraordinarily successful for everyone and I truly wish that you will enjoy your time at BFSU as much as I did and as much as I will do.
As a student, I have had the chance to live, study and work abroad in different countries all over the world, but my most outstanding and rewarding experience was my exchange semester, last year, here at the International Business School of the Beijing Foreign Studies University.
Because of this great experience as an exchange student, I have decided to come back and to start a master’s program at IBS, so I will be studying with all of you together this semester. And as some of you already know, it is not difficult to see why a student would come back to Beijing.
China’s beautiful culture, its rich history and the country’s bright future have been fascinating me, and many others, for a long time. With an economy which is currently the second biggest of the world and with Chinese companies exploring new, foreign markets on a daily basis, a business student should not think twice to come and explore the numerous opportunities that can be found here in China.
The International Business School of Beiwai can be a good portal for future opportunities linked to China. So, make sure to spend your time as a business student in Beijing wisely, by expanding your knowledge of the Chinese economy and get to know some of the many companies -ranging from small startups to giant multinationals- but also, explore the Chinese culture while you are here, because Beijing is truly a beautiful city and, in my opinion, the best place to get a real taste of China. Make some Chinese friends, go and visit the many parks and temples, explore Beijing by night and don’t forget to try some dishes you have never tried before.
As for exchange students, it might not always be easy to adapt to the local customs and culture, especially during the first few weeks, as I have experienced myself. But make sure to always try to see the beauty of a different culture, to have patience and also, do not forget to enjoy your time to the fullest. Because before you know it, this semester might be over sooner than you think.
If you have any question about BFSU, the daily life in Beijing or anything else, it is always possible to get in touch with the student supervisor and the student representatives of the IBS-union, or feel free to contact and ask me. We will all be happy to help you.
Once again, I wish everyone a very successful semester, don’t forget to enjoy your time in Beijing and I hope to see you around on campus.

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