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Make positive changes: A talk with Kath Rogers

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On December 25, BFSU students had a great opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with Kath Rogers who has accomplished several voluntary programs and campaigns in the US with success. Student leaders from BFSU student associations and student organizations have learned more about voluntary activities organization and voluntary program management by communicating with Ms. Rogers.
While currently studying in Thomas Jefferson School of Law, Kath Rogers is also active in voluntary programs and campaigns. She is now the Campaign Coordinator in a coalition of four non-profit organizations aiming at implementing a citywide clean energy campaign. From 2011 to 2012, she was the Program Manager of the Yes on Proposition 35 to stop human trafficking in California. The Proposition 35 was passed with over 81% approval and was made into the law, making it the most popular initiative in California history. She was awarded Certificate of Excellence for work on Yes on Proposition 35 campaign. Besides that, she was also active in voluntary programs and campaigns such as Animal Protection & Rescue League, Youth Mentor and Teacher and Yes on Proposition 2 campaign to stop cruel and inhumane treatment of animals.

With a great understanding of voluntary programs and campaigns and a great passion of “leading volunteers-especially students-to accomplish positive social change” said by her, Ms. Rogers first talked about her own experiences in five major voluntary programs and campaigns and her achievements. After that, student leaders give briefings about how they try to make positive social change and what the specific voluntary programs are in China.  




After knowing each other better, a more in-depth discussion between Ms. Rogers and the students started. Questions like volunteers management raised by the students were all well answered by Ms. Rogers. Meanwhile, she also shared her own tactics and strategies when she was introducing her program to people. All of them really helped the students to improve their skills.
In BFSU, students are encouraged to participate in voluntary programs. International students are very welcome to join them. The outcome of some voluntary programs organized by BFSU students has shown that international students can gain as much as they give when they work as volunteers. With the participation of international students, the voluntary programs are much more successful because there are more perspectives in how to make positive change in society.

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