Hi everyone! The IBS Chinese Union will hold a welcome party on Nov 15th for all the IBS new students in the IB auditorium. They want to two performances including but not limited to singing, dancing, magic show, from our 2018 Fall students.

What you will get? A certificate & scholarship points is a must as well as an IBS souvenir. Anyone interested? You can contact Steven for more information.

The meeting will be held at 9:30 PM on October 18. The meeting will be checked in first, and then led by the staff into the classroom. It is expected to start at 9:40, and the activity will be introduced by the host first, and then the time will be left for free discussion.In the coming week, we will release three small tasks for everyone to complete in the way of cooperation within the group. All of them will be taken pictures of the game, and pictures or small video will be uploaded to the WeChat group and evaluated by the staff.The buffet on October 27, we will announce the scores and present the prizes. Each group will get the gifts carefully prepared by us. Buffet begins after award presentation.

A activity to make friends between Chinese students and International students.

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