Extended Family is a program initiated by IBS,which offers chances for international students to make friends with Chinesepeople and even to live with Chinese families. Through this program,international students can taste the original flavor of the Chinese family andlearn about China in person.

Culture is something that cannot be learnedthrough books. It is something that can be acquired by practices and experiences.Here, Extended Family provides international students a precious opportunity toimmerse themselves in Chinese culture. By involving in our “extended family”project, students will make friends with Beijing local families. As familiesand friends, they will invite students to their home or go outing for weekendsand holiday from time to time. Students may feel lonely and confusing when theymove to a new country, and having local extended families could be greatsupport to them. Furthermore, through the interactions with local families,overseas students can gain better understandings of Chinese life and Chineseculture. Apart from enriching after-school life, this will also be a greatopportunity for foreign students to experience the local culture of Beijing.


If you want to speak Chinese fluently,learn about Chinese lifestyle, and know about China through your ownexperiences, what are you waiting for?  Feel free to send your registratiom information (name, student ID, gender. nationality, and mobile) to along with requirements if you have any for Chinese family before Sep.26th, 2018.

Here follows Q&A about the Extended Familyprogram.

Q:Do international students need to live with the Chinese family?

A: No, in extended family program, students donot need to live with the Chinese family.

At your free time when you want to go out withthe Chinese family, you may contact them to see if it fine for the family. Andabout when to go, where to go and what to do with the Chinese family, all areup you and the Chinese family. We think you are gonna have a great experiencewith the Chinese family.

Q:What would students do with the Chinese family?

A: from previous experiences, students withthe Chinese family went on short trips, ate local food, and attended outdooractivities held in Beijing, or just sat somewhere having a cup of tea andchatting in Chinese and English or any other language.

 Q:Are there any benefits for students to be in this program?

A: When you made your choice to study inChina, which element of China stood out? It is China’s fast-growing economy,splendid culture or its people of hospitality?

Learning knowledge from class is just oneaspect of your study life here. What would make your life here in China moreinteresting and fruitful? One answer to this question would be contact andcommunication with the local families. You can actually touch upon the Chinesefamily culture by being a member of it. Not to mention the fast acquiring ofthe Chinese language.

Q:Do all students who signed up for this program share one Chinese family?

A: No, each student registered for thisprogram will have his/her own Chinese family.

Q:What about the Chinese family? Are they nice?

A: You don’t need to worry about the Chinesefamily. We will find reliable and nice family for you. And at least one of themembers of the Chinese family speaks English. They are professors from schoolor friends of teachers’. 

Q:Does the Chinese family live far from school?

A: They do not. Most of the Chinese familieslive near to BFSU. And the Chinese family has a car and you can ask them togive you a lift when going out together. They would be happy to do so.

Q:Do students need to pay for this program?

A: No, students don’t need to pay for thisprogram, because it is held by IBS. And we hope to present students with plentyof opportunities to get to know the Chinese culture and acquire something fromtheir interaction with the local Chinese.

Feel free to send your registratiom information (name, student ID, gender. nationality, and mobile) to along with requirements for Chinese family if you have any before Sep.26th.

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