IBS Thanks-Giving Visits

Dear all,

Greetings from IBS!

Today we announce the launch of IBS Thanks-Giving activity.

The activity is called Thanks-Giving School Visits. It is initiated by IBS Marketing and Admission office. Attending this activity, current IBS students during vacations pay visits to high schools or colleges (if they are now master students) in their home cities or countries and give gifts IBS prepares to Dean, teachers, counselors or other faculties at their former schools in exchange for their valid contact information.

This activity aims to promote BFSU IBS and extend BFSU IBS reputation to high schools and colleges in various countries and regions so as to hopefully encourage more international students to apply for IBS programs. Students will be rewarded due to the contact information they bring back to IBS Marketing and Admission office (IBS MA0).

By participating in this activity, students are expected to:

1. Sign up and take gift packages from IBS MAO. The gift packages include greeting gifts with traditional Chinese characteristics, IBS brochure, IBS posters, IBS name cards and others;

2. Pay visits to your former schools and meet faculties at your home cities or home countries during vacations with these gifts in exchange for their valid contact information; if conditions permit, you are encouraged to hold a presentation to your former-school students and promote IBS. Do remember to take photos of you when you interact with faculties or students at your former school. These photos can serve as supportive documents for you to get your rewards.

3. Bring faculties’ contact info as well as supportive photos back to IBS MAO;

4. Get your rewards. You will be rewarded based on the contact information you bring back to IBS MAO, 100 RMB for each school and 100 RMB for presentation. For example, if you visit one school and bring back their contact info, you will have 100 RMB for you efforts. And if you visit two schools and bring back their contact info, you will have 200 RMB. Besides the contact info, if you make a presentation to students of your former school, you will have another 100RMB (supportive documents as proof are necessary.) as rewards.

Dear all, if you are interested, please find Flora in IBS MAO (IB 905) and sign up for this activity. The registration is open till June 29th, 2018. Please register for this activity before June 29th, 2018. If you have any questions, do feel to contact us!


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