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Suning Logistic Base had been well-known to us in China before we came to visit as one of the biggest logistic enterprises. As we visited, it came to us that what Suning has accomplished today is mainly due to its very clear direction in its development. And Suning has continued to transform and reform along with the technological progress. Oriented by market, Suning has kept strengthening its profitability so as to build a diversified and IT-based industrial chain; oriented by customers, it has remained to enhance its ability to control and focused on targets, executive capability and results in the pursuit of better services for all. Given that, Suning Logistic Base has demonstrated to us all the importance of distinct goals and orientation to development of an enterprise.


Platinum Rui Nanjing Meishi Photoelectric Technology Company was the last enterprise we have visited of the day. As we entered the company, modern vibrant atmosphere has made us forget about the whole day’s fatigue. The company focuses on R&D, exploration, sales and services of photo-electricity. Advanced technologies and rich experiences have been revealed in its distinctive product-BORUI glassy projection display system. The special display was created in 2014, and was developed on the basis of MRP (Macro Rear-Projection) technology, featuring natural and distinctive color, completeness, eyes-friendliness, ultra-thinness, etc. For this reason, the new display system has challenged the traditional technologies and now has been widely used in the area of public safety, traffic and transportation, business, education, healthcare, etc. From what we have seen today, we believe that innovation acts as a significant contributor to the success of the company. As is mentioned, the company has preserved the advantage of traditional display while integrated new technologies. In this way, its products will be able to cater to the growing demand of the customers and make the company a unique competitor in the industry.



BY Group 3:Carely Lim Tze Ching, Lim Chee Kiat, Djouma Mbafe Kami, Pancic Pavle, Van Der Haegen Matthias .


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