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Christmas Party
Author : ISAO  |   Publish Time : 2015-12-24  |   Hits : 5605



Colorful scarves bundled up against the chilly weather, cold wind nipping at your cheeks, steaming cups of hot chocolate cupped in frozen hands, the smell of festivity in the air—everything screams, “Christmas is almost here!” It's beginning to look a lot like the holidays... but only for the rest of the world. We, on the other hand, have reports, presentations, and final exams to look forward to, and of course, our regular class schedule on Christmas Day.




To celebrate, the campus Christmas party kicked off on Friday, December 18th in HOPS. Students attending this event had a chance to make funny pictures in photobooth and print them out directly so to keep memory of that day. During the party IBSUnion members held a Secret Santa gift exchange, organized interactive games, sang Christmas songs and played the  guitar! The atmosphere was full of warmth and happiness, which created a bright and happy mood.