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BFSU Dormitory Policies for International Students
Author : xuya  |   Publish Time : 2012-05-25  |   Hits : 4286

1. Each dormitory resident is required to conduct himself/herself in a manner that is conducive for fellow residents to study, live and sleep. Each resident agrees to not disturb this environment, and also agrees to demonstrate reasonable efforts to resolve roommate and/or residence hall problems.  
2. Please do not switch rooms with other students without notifying the guest service office. 
3. No Cooking: Cafeterias at BFSU and the dormitories provide wholesome meals three times a day. Students are not permitted to cook, or use gas cookers in their bedrooms. 
4. Cleanliness: Residents are required to make reasonable efforts to maintain proper personal cleanliness and hygiene for the community’s welfare. Rooms must be kept clean and neat at all times, and empty food and beverage containers must be disposed of properly.  
5. Smoking is not allowed anywhere inside dormitory buildings. Smokers are requested to properly dispose of cigarette butts and to not litter outside the dormitory. 
6. Student Belongings: Students are responsible for the safekeeping of their own belongings during the term and intersession. BFSU will take no responsibility for lost personal items.  
7. Flammable and hazardous liquids and gases are not to be used or stored in dormitory rooms. Gas and electrical heating appliances are also prohibited. 
8. No pets are allowed in dormitories. 
9. Damage:Students who accidentally or intentionally damage any dormitory property will be required to make restitution for repairs. 
10. Students should observe fire and safety laws and procedures at all times and not damage or tamper with fire and safety equipment in dormitories. If a student is found to be responsible for causing a fire in dormitory, serious repercussions (including legal action) may follow.  
11. Room Key Card: A refundable deposit of CNY 50 will be charged for the dormitory room key card. An additional charge of CNY12 will be levied for a replacement card in case of loss or theft of the original. The dormitory service counter should be notified of any lost cards as soon as possible. 
12. Tampering with, disabling or modifying the operation of room doors and door locks is prohibited. 
13. When students leave on holiday, they must inform the front desk by themselves and accomplish due procedures.
We hope all students will abide by regulations and guidelines in order to create an ordered, harmonious, and pleasant living environment for everybody.


Appendix 1: BFSU Dormitory Policies for International Students