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Author : ISAO  |   Publish Time : 2017-09-12  |   Hits : 390



Distinguished guests, dear colleagues and students from class 2017,


First of all, please allow me to extend heartfelt congratulations to over 700 students who are present here, congratulations on securing the opportunity to be part of this passionate and energetic business school and embark on a journey which might be challenging but unforgettable. This year, we embraced students both from China and 38 other countries. Since the year of 2015, IBS has been the largest school in BFSU in terms of bachelor education. Now being the largest school is no longer a goal which we concentrate our efforts on pursuing. The goal we now pay attention to is what kind of future we are going to bring to all IBSers with the development of our school in the next few years.


The vision we hold is to become an international business school featured multilingual, cross-culture and multi-regions. This vision is not merely printed on paper but put into practice in each aspect of our education programs. We make every effort to embrace the open world we are in today and we take the initiative to confront opportunities as well as challenges presented by globalization. Business is one of the greatest inventions of mankind. It allows us to make changes in values, technology and life style. Since the industrial revolution, the emergence of all economic achievements of mankind has be accompanied by the globalization. There is no economic growth model existing in the world but has nothing to do with globalization. We need to build such values that are to embrace the globalization with an open heart rather than shifting our own trouble to others or isolating ourselves from globalization. These concepts of values deserve our full attention, because nowadays populism and isolationism are eroding the prospects for global economic cooperation and development.


As we all know, the past 4 decades witnessed China’s economy development in leaps. From an impoverished and backward country, China has rapidly grown into a relatively prosperous country with a medium income level and a highly developed business. China’s growth cannot be achieved with two keywords; one is Reform; that is the adoption of increasingly loose domestic policies; the other is Open; that is the exchanges with the rest of the world in an increasingly free manner. People have different interpretations to China’s economy, but no one denies the importance of marketization, gradual reform and participation in the international division of labor in a high degree. 


Statistically, by last year, China has been the second largest economy in terms of GDP, the largest goods trader and the second largest outbound investor. In the era of the Internet, with world leading Internet companies, China ranks number one in global commercial retail e-commerce rate and in the penetration rate of mobile payment.


People have been trying to interpret China’s economic growth from various perspectives, including strong government policies, active yet tolerating traditional culture and innovative younger generation. However, we need to see it clearly, despite the unique economic growth, today we are opposed to the threat and repercussion of populism and isolationism. Such repercussion present itself to China in forms different from other countries, such as outwards VS inwards; public VS private; long lasting argument VS rapid integration to policies. Nowadays, populism and isolationism can find fertile soil to grow in; that is the declining of economic growth, imbalance in wealth distribution and the split of social ideological trends. If not dealt with carefully, it will cost us much at any time.  


At this time, we feel it necessary to reiterate the values we IBS holds; that are to immerse ourselves into globalization with an open mind and carry out dialogues and cooperation with people of various cultural backgrounds. With such values, you will enrich not only your knowledge but also your life with a broad vision during your study here in IBS, BFSU. IBS is ready to provide you with a great number of cutting-edge courses, high-level academic lectures, and various extra-curricular activities as well as exchange programs with other universities outside China.  
From your side, you should enrich your knowledge besides business by using resources from library, the Internet and other modern technologies. You should also follow the latest development in science and technology and therefore improve your capability in judgment and learning. At the age of Internet, the most important ability for people to possess is the ability of judgment rather than the amount of knowledge you are exposed to; that is being able to distinguish useful knowledge from others. The Internet has torn down the boundaries of learning. But come with it are the extremism and conspiracy in all kinds of forms. We have to be trained academically before we develop independent judgment. This is also a protective step to your precious time. Judgment is built on logic, experience, statistics and scientific approach. For people with poor judgment, the more freedom they have, the more rugged way they will face. 


The path of exploration is never out of trouble, the same to study, work and life. The most precious is to keep curiosity for exploration constantly. It is foreseeable that in the following years, the whole IBS faculty including me will make our utmost efforts to provide you all with the best platform to study, and to explore business, China and the world. We will be your staunch stone and supporter for your future development. The progress made by any of you will be the glory of IBS BFSU.  


Thank you all!