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Author : ISAO  |   Publish Time : 2017-09-08  |   Hits : 735



In this fall semester, International Business School embraced 131 international students from 38 countries. 68 of them are from Asia & Pacific countries and regions, 37 from Europe, 15 from Africa and 11 from America. Among all these students, 45 are here for bachelor study, 21 for master study, 26 for short-term certificate program and 39 for exchange program.


Wanting to grow into an international talent? Saying it a thousand times is less than making one move that is to join IBS, the Internationals Business School of Beijing Foreign Studies University!


By joining IBS, you will make acquaintance with students around the world; you may find the one, to love and to remember. 


Attention please, this is being international in practice; there is no such thing called simulation! Be here, meet someone and immerse yourself into diverse cultures!