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2014Spring Undergraduates Thesis Writing
Author : 绠$悊鍛  |   Publish Time : 2017-08-31  |   Hits : 991

Dear students,

Good morning!

Here are the graduation thesis writing timetable and requirements for 2014 Spring undergraduate students. I am very glad to introduce the graduation thesis writing schedule to you, please read it carefully.

The 8th Semester (2nd Semester of 4th Year):

Week1-Week9: Submitting the Drafts

The modified first draft must be finished and submitted to the supervisor before the end of the 3rd week (Sep.29th);

The second draft must be submitted to BOTH supervisor and Teaching Affairs Office before the end of the 6th week (Oct.20th);

Students must submit the third draft to BOTH supervisor and Teaching Affairs Office before the end of the 9th week (Nov.10th).

Week10-Week12: Correcting Thesis and Finishing Thesis Writing

The final thesis is required to be submitted to the Teaching Affairs Office 925 before the end of the 12th week (Dec.1st) with the approval of supervisor.

The final thesis must be corrected at least twice before submitting. Before Nov.27th, students must submit the hard/soft copy of thesis to SUPERVISOR for last checking and revision.

If you’re allowed to submit the thesis by supervisor you need to submit the electronic WORD version of thesis to ibsbasolbridge@126.com for plagiarism check, together with your hard copy of final thesis. The electronic one must be as the same as the printed one. If you fail the plagiarism check with more than 30% plagiarism rate, you’ll be required to go back to rewrite it.

If you’re not allowed to submit the thesis by supervisor, you have one week to modify thesis in the 13th week. The deadline for submitting the final printed thesis is before the end of the 13th week (Dec.8th) to Teaching Affairs Office.

When submitting the final copy of the thesis, students also need to submit the statement page with both signature of student and supervisor.

From the 14th week (Dec.11th) on, no copy of thesis will be accepted to the office.

Week 14: Thesis Defense

The time and venue will be notified before the Defense.

Defense ratio: 20% of International Undergraduate students will be required to defend their theses. The scope of defense attendants is decided by schools or departments.

Students who fail the final thesis-writing element of the course will be ineligible to receive the degree certificate.

Students typically fail the thesis writing element if the following occurs:

The quality of the work does not meet the academic requirements;

If the student has been found to significantly plagiarize and detection of plagiarism rate is more than 30%that thesis submitted is deemed not to be the student's own work;

The number of words is less than 6000;

The format does not meet the requirements as required by the University.

Here are the attached files, please kindly check them.


Marking Guideline 


Excellent Thesis 



dissertation presentation 




If you have any problem, please don't hesitate to let me know.

Best Regards!



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